Bleeding 48 EP


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Stripped of all good judgement cracked and hollowed out by the caleidoskopic horrors on the news a tongue covered in fur behind a disinfected smile kept in place by a couple rusty screws Yeah I can see a vacuum in those eyes looks drift into distance and just die you got the 1000 yard stare stuck with a 1000 yard stare integrate, function and comply premium entertainment to advertise your needs anything for the target audience they keep feeding you sweetened promises up to the point you choke before frantically applauding your descent ... ambition asphixiated by apathy euphoria's just a memory actions feel disgustingly mundane and every now and then you catch your image in some broken glass and for a split second your conscience's back nothing more than a number on a pile of data waste no wonder you never wanna wake up to see the coffin you've put yourself in long ago
when we stray from common ground I always mind my step but you don't notice your mistake until the landmine goes 'click' now there's that black abysmal hole, eating at our hearts you pour your tears inside, I tend to fill it with blood everytime i feel like an animal caught on fire destroying a perfect thing here we are sitting in our trenches digging up dirt again and there's nothing I can do and there's nothing you can do yeah, there' nothing we can do yeah there's nothing but pulling through a single inconsidered word can blow up in your face now watch that intimacy turn into grim distaste and now there's venom in your speech my defenses running thin though my tolerance is pretty high still some of it gets under my skin --- Am I dramatic? Oh yeah Are you a skeptic? you got every right to be Do I have issues? oh yeah and so have you and right now there is nothing we can do
She don't like her face the way it is she turns into an evil clown grotesque just saying... that make-up won't make up for all that character you miss She don't like her mouth the way it is She rather looks like some fucked up human fish Just saying... those issues won't be flushed out by the poison in your lips yeah, well, standard model no. 1 yeah, well, directly from the catalog yeah, well, scalpel, clamp, piece of your mind yeah, well, too bad, somehow they never ever get it right she saves for a chest upgrade to double D so she fits into her boyfriends's porn reality just saying those air baloons won't do much to lift your broken self-esteem she used to be a natural beauty back in her day now surgeons wage war on her natural decay just saying you either die a caricature or have some fucking dignity What kind of sad people you hang out with That you feel you gotta play along with this shit? That you don't see what the fuck's wrong with this shit How the fuck did we end up, end up like this? lift it up, stitch it down, stretch it as it folds modulate, reconstruct, liposuck your soul swallow all your currency, beauty knows no price sky the limit with a little help from Dr. Frankenstein Plastic standard you're so fucking artificial
Dark Days 03:20


"Bleeding 48"
a blood clotted four-leaf clover of perfectly flawed music to abandon all hope to.


released March 13, 2020


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Risen from the ruins of a Nirvana tribute band in '05 CHERRYBEATS grew into a raging dirtrock-monster that spreads the creed of the band: DIRTY & LOUD. Along with the noise CHERRYBEATS delivers a show full of drunken frenzy being the equivalent of a black marker circling the madness of today’s existence - This just might be the last great adventure in a desert ground down by the mainstream winds. ... more

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