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    We sacrificed a rabbit to summon a demon, who blessed us with this songs.

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We've been a bunch of gay ponies in a opium daze downed a couple governments and tumbled off the stage we've been fucked, we've been stranded, left out on the streets drenched in blood and liquor, thank Christo, what a treat let's do it again (x4) restraint remains our enemy and chaos our friend I'm positive this wasn't all there is so let's do it again would've had an S&M performance, with cuffs and candlewax but two weeks before the show the fucking sub threw out his back we took blows, we took punches and a suicidal bath so we had already been wet when the cops got in our pants -- faces painted with black marker vomit on the No Mute carpet j-rock fans camped in the front row female wraith by the hotel room window 4 AM drunk driving lessons good at making bad impressions though half the time I can't recall just what the fuck we've done
The Rabbit (we're all mad here) Follow me down the rabbit hole into the unknown beneath the surface but be cautious, it's so easy to slip and fall forget everything you know cut through all the smoke and mirrors no shadows, no secrets, no fucking walls after stumbling in the dark for so long who wouldn't trust those big red rabbit eyes? Follow me down the rabbid hole and don't worry, we're all mad here no beginings, no endings, no questions asked it doesn't matter where you go that soul of yours is stained with bruises all of a sudden, the great puzzle makes sense at last after stumbling in the dark for so long why not trust those big red rabbit eyes? as sweet as they come there is no escape once you've crossed the barrier minds and bones can break, I told you we're all mad here queens demand their slaves and you're on a silver platter grave mistakes been made, I told you we're all mad here, right? you followed me down the rabbit hole but this ain't a tale and you're no Alice the air's toxic, the cakes's poisoned and the tea is dosed when drowing in a pool of tears forever is just a second that breeds another washed up body picked apart by crows after stumbling in the dark for so long why not trust those big red rabbit eyes?
She's in the back of the theater lounging softly laughing up her sleeve a billion shows, still it doesn't get old, the great human tragicomedy Oh she's heard all variations of bitter should've-would've-could've done some plead, some demand, but in the end she gets every single one she got them black-hole eyes cloak, scythe and professional smile on her lips a valhallaby she's the one who'll puts the chairs on the tables she's the one who'll turn off the lights once every living creature's died There was a time when she took wicked pleasure in foiling desperate schemes These days she's left with benevolent pity for these strange confusion-ridden beings oh she's heard all lamentations of bitter should've-would've-could've been she accepts any wager, cause she knows nobody ever wins -- and it's never been a matter of mercy she reaps whatever we sow that's just the fucking way she goes that's the way she goes and everyone's dying to meet her and everyone's dying to meet her and everyone's dying to meet her so why the hell are they all scared to death of her
From where I stand, standing ain't exactly part of my usual skillset anymore they say know your limits and I know them pretty well, in fact my limits are what I'm reaching for yeah, I don't trust you abstinent fucking people, obviously you all got something to hide behold! The intoxicated, kleptomanic rogue, I strike and stumble off into the night Armed with a bottle to battle my balance and your reign of sobriety sip by sip into the abyss until it's starring back at me I'm convoluted and I cracked my shell I talk in riddles and I repeat myself you see me swerving across the underpass I see a beast, majestic, emerging from my flask Doublehound D-d-d-doublehound got bad ideas, they tend to multiply I be the lord of spirits, the catcher in the rye once again I find myself crawling out of a dive after being incapable of deciding on a poison - therefore simply picking all of them I shuffle along a sad parade of street ads wheezing cheap promises and I silence them with a stroke of the old waterproof I take what the nightly gardens of good citizens have to offer because nothing says "I'm sorry" like an arm full of stolen flowers I've always been less than thrilled by existence but a little booze goes a long way in delaying certain defeat - so I keep yelling in the street
you say that life ain't fair and ignorance is bliss you have to know your place and that's just how it is you say don't hate the player and if you must, just hate the game learn to quietly accept your fate yeah, no fucking way no fucking way You still recite the same old rotten propaganda fairytales got your opinion at a discount, mass-produced and ready-made well, since you're so fond of being told what to think and who to be where to stand and how to live, here's an idea how 'bout you kill your gods they're just voices in your head how 'bout you check your thoughts they might be just inherited you're future is bright so bright you close your eyes no feeling in your gut head full of pretty lies to figure out yourself it never crossed your mind You and I are not alike what's the solution for being empty, middle-aged or bored? got a couple million starving kids so let's breed a million more yeah they fool you once, fool you twice, fool you an entire fucking life but if you're still a little conscious, here some advice


We sacrificed a rabbit to summon a demon, who blessed us with this songs.


released September 30, 2022


all rights reserved




Risen from the ruins of a Nirvana tribute band in '05 CHERRYBEATS grew into a raging dirtrock-monster that spreads the creed of the band: DIRTY & LOUD. Along with the noise CHERRYBEATS delivers a show full of drunken frenzy being the equivalent of a black marker circling the madness of today’s existence - This just might be the last great adventure in a desert ground down by the mainstream winds. ... more

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